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Here, a friendly, warm smile and a happy wave lets you know this is what community is all about. Our days can start early, often with the sun, and are full! All the sports and fun packed in, with extra bonus points for a ‘three-sport’ day. Neighbors walk their dogs, ride their bikes, stop to chat, move slowly on the hard packed dirt roads at the resort that reflect Baja’s laidback lifestyle. Evenings are quiet here and Baja midnight is affectionally considered 9 pm.  A far-off rooster crow, the call of a cow for its calf, a dog barking at the cow, the noise of an ATV motor, is the only thing that breaks the stillness.

Developed 20 years ago when Los Barriles was a rustic fishing village, the eco-friendly, nonsmoking resort is in its glory and the landscaped ecosystem positively effects the environment. Endemic and migratory birds, butterflies and bees, and our nesting owls hoot to us their happiness each night. All find a place amongst our 16 species of palms and endless trees that sway in the breeze.

Stay in the Resort’s Casas, Palapas & Palapa Casitas

Baja’s Resort at East Cape includes 63 creatively designed lots surrounded by lush greenery and complemented by a lovely pool, spacious terrace and spa. Home to 45 permanente casas, casitas, and palapa casitas, 15 sites are reserved for RV Travelers. The resort is always full in wintertime as both RV Travelers and Permanentes enjoy their winter season among both old friends and new guests. In addition, we care deeply about our community, our employees, our guests, and our clients.


The Spanish word for home


A small home

Palapa Casita

Any type of living space found under the palapa, perhaps an open air kitchen, with living space in small bedrooms and bathrooms, or a trailer or fifth wheel


A roof constructed of palm fronds (harvested from some of our own 350 palm trees) that protect from rain, wind, sun, even hurricanes


Someone who lives in a close-knit resort like ours and through a lease agreement for the land owns the casa, casita, or palapa casita asset located on it

Experience our Casas, Casitas, and Palapa Casitas

Mexican casa facade with pink bougainvillea and palm treesinviting terrace space with red umbrellas and chairs sitting atop a canopy of palm treeswarm inviting home interior with palapa ceiling and attractive brick border
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What it means to be a Permanente

The community of "Permanentes" is made up of people from all over the continent plus the United Kingdom and Europe. Some Permanente neighbors stay year-round saying springtime is the best time. Fishermen say summer is the best. Fall has the best water clarity and the sea is the warmest. Yet, everyone agrees…‘Take me to Baja!’

The demand for Permanente space outweighs supply. Doing business with the best folks who make the best neighbors and lean into the Baja lifestyle is our goal. When properties become available, they move quickly and a vetting process occurs for potential buyers to become permanente lessees.

decorative ceramic sign that reads "Bienvenidos Mis casa es tu casa" (translation: Welcome My house is your house)

"Kind and Considerate" is our ethos and the most important tenet in our Permanente lease agreement. As a result, our community has become highly sought as we endeavor toward this goal. All 45 Permanente sites are fully leased. Working within guidelines to compliment the resort’s aesthetic, every property has a unique design. Each property is developed at some level, ranging from a two-story, 1600-square-foot casa to an affordable slimmed down trailer, concrete patio and outdoor gazebo, and everything in between.

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For some, being here is for a lifetime. For others, Baja’s Resort at East Cape is a steppingstone toward purchasing a larger home or land to build. Others return to their home state or country after their Baja life adventure is through. When folks are ready to go, Baja’s Resort at East Cape assists in locating a prospective buyer and promoting sale details here.

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